A timeshare can be a great vacation rental alternative for families who don’t have a ton of money. They allow you to rent a home or condo for part of the year in a popular vacation area, for part of the cost. Sounds great, but what happens when you no longer want it and seek a timeshare cancellation?

It can happen for several reasons. Maybe the timeshare wasn’t what you thought it would be, or you no longer have the time to vacation you once did. Maybe it’s become too expensive after a salary reduction, or perhaps you simply want to begin vacationing elsewhere.

 Whichever way it goes, getting rid of your timeshare can be tricky because of the contract you signed when you purchased.

It is in your timeshare contract that you will maintain the residence for a specific set of time – usually a period of several years. Sometimes for life. This property will become part of your estate should you pass on and be left to your family for care.

To get rid of it, you must do one of two things: pay an exorbitant fee to break your contract or sell the property to another individual who will fulfill your legal obligations from that point on.

timeshare cancellation

Selling your timeshare can be a hassle, so it’s advisable you find a company who will assist you in the task. You don’t need a simple listening agency, either. Instead, seek to find a company who will help you with all the legal technicalities that come with selling a timeshare condo, apartment, or home. This way, you can be certain everything was done in a legally binding manner, and you won’t end up stuck with fees or penalties when all is said and done.